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Life Coaching with Lisa

I believe we are ALL artists. We get to imagine, create and color this one life we are given. We have the ability to "spill the light" onto the canvas of our own lives, as well as onto those around us. Sometimes that comes easily. Sometimes not so much. 
These are stressful and unprecedented times, and our own self-care, mental health and well-being are of the utmost importance. I am blessed to have counseled individuals, students, couples and families since 1996, both in educational settings and in private practice. I am beyond excited now to begin an independent coaching practice.

I will have video and tele-coaching appointments opening up in February, and in-person appointments available as soon as it is possible, still following local safety precautions for appropriate social distancing and mask-wearing.
If you are curious how coaching with me could work for you, and how having unconditional, encouraging and experienced support could move you forward in your life, reach out to me here, and I will reach back to you via email to arrange a chat.

This is YOUR life. NOW is the time to "spill the light".                 

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