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These are very special little essential oil diffuser ornaments, available in unscented with dried rose petals (and can be sprinkled with your favorite scent or essential oil) OR Lavender scented with dried Lavender.

They give off a beautiful constant fragrance wherever you choose - a favorite drawer, your car, next to your bed....  I hang a little bag of them in my She-Shed scented with Lavender. It keeps me inspired! 

* * *  These are also the perfect Wedding Table Favors, Gifts for Shower Guests, Decor for Party Tables of all kinds, Gift Bags, Holiday Celebrations, etc.  


Measurements:       approx.  2" x 2"

Materials: All diffuser ornaments are produced using Earthenware clay, food-safe glazes (if glazed) and are completely non-toxic.
Cleaning and Care: If needed, please dust gently with a soft cloth or wipe gently with mild soap and water. Do not wash or rinse Rose or Lavender petals. Please keep out of the hands of children.

Soft Pink or White Essential Oils Diffuser (Quantity discounts offered)

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