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Lisa Speaking at Santa Clara - bigger .p

<These Testimonials and Pics> are just "placeholders" from my old website until I can put more current pics & quotes in... :)

"Dear Lisa, 
Please come back!
The Parents & Staff loved you! Thank you for making our Freshman Parent Night so memorable. We took home so much "good stuff" that will help us bring out the BEST in our kids -
AND  be the best parents and teachers we can be.
Thank you, Thank you! "

-Ms. Nancy O'Sullivan
Vice Principal 
Santa Clara High School 

Lisa with Anne Tubridy at Pancratius - b

"Lisa Dreyer's warm and welcoming presentation kept our attention, and the response from our faculty was extremely positive . . they want more. Lisa involved the faculty in her presentation, and her infectious charm captivated our faculty. They truly enjoyed her presentation - we've had many guest speakers here at school - Lisa was one of the best we've ever had. She was fun, energetic, and able to connect with our faculty, and her presentation on Stress was relevant and thought-provoking."

-  Paul Kaminski  '79
Director of Advancement
St. John Bosco High School 

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