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My Portfolio

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These are a few of the pottery pieces I've created that are no longer available in the STORE.
If you see something YOU LOVE, send me a message on my "Guest Book and Contact" page about requesting a Special Order!

Feel free to move the photos around. 
Just tap on a photo to see it, or double-tap to start a slide show.
Thank you for checking them out!


Red Guitar Ornament
Tiny Houses!
Antiqued Luminary with Red Roses for Jill
Lace Luminary in White
Hanging Wall Planter For Joe & Katherine
Vase with Imprint From our Mulberry Tree
Cell Phone Holder for Karla
Luminary in White for Jeanne
My Favorite (Working!) Miniature Teapot
Daragonfly Ornament / Essential Oil Diffuser
Rugged Dirt-Brown Cross with Ties
Teeny Rose Bowl
Leaf Water Font or Planter #1
Green Guitar Ornament
White (Ceramic) Fabric Draped Box
Old Wood Paint Palette Ornament for Val
White Lace Luminary - 1st one!
Favorite Green Lace Vase
"Knotty" Little Creamer (part of a serving set)
Tiny House Luminary With Diamond Windows
Simple Terra Cotta Bowl
Leaf Water Font or Planter #2
Blue Luminary With Sgraffito flowers for Katherine
White Paint Palette Ornament
Top-Enclosed Green Lace Luminary
White Leaf Bowl for Dr. Smith
White Cross With Roses
Blue Guitar
Top-Enclosed White Lace Luminary for Dr. Smith
Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce Bowl
Harp Ornament for Dennis
Geometric Luminary
Harlequin Luminary (my favorite "thing" so far!)
Green and Chocolate Brown Coil Bowl
"Knotty" Sugar Bowl (part of a serving set)
Castle or Fairy House Tools Caddy
Terra Cotta Coffee Mug with Lid for Tim
Desk Caddy with Mud Hen and Nest (for good friend, Val)
Pink Decorative Cross for Mom

Handmade Pottery and Ceramics, Individual and Group Classes, Couple's Classes, Days of Retreat and Reflection, Creative / Meditative Experiences, Spiritual Pottery

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