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  • Can I eat and drink out of my cool new ceramic pieces?
    Yes! All ceramic pieces from The She-Shed Potter are made with 100% non-toxic and food-safe clays and glazes. They've been fired in an 1800 degree kiln (twice!) and so they'll stand up to the hottest water - BUT I recommend you see your pottery pieces more as small pieces of artwork that happen to also be functional, and treat them with gentleness and care. Warm water with a mild soap and soft towel will work just fine!
  • What if I have to return something?
    We hope that your pottery pieces are something you love AND that they arrive safely and securely! However, in the event that you need to return a piece and would like either an exchange or refund, our policies are very simple. Please visit the "Shipping and Returns" page in the menu above for more details. Our motto: "When You're Happy, We're Happy!"
  • I have a special event coming up and would love to have something unique made for it. Do you take special orders?
    Yes! Send me a message with a brief description of what you'd love to have made, and I will contact you via email to talk about the details of your request. Some of the "Special Orders" I have created recently can be seen on my "Ceramic Endorsements" page, and here are a few I'm currently working on: * Six White Luminaries to adorn the Bridal Table of a wonderful couple * Dragonfly-print drink coasters for some girlfriends :) * A cross with two entwined butterflies for a Wedding Anniversary gift * 8 Hot Pink Bubble Mugs (stuffed with Chocolate Hearts!) for Bachelor Party gifts * A "tall, sleek black and white vase - with one soft pink rose at the base" for a housewarming gift. Please visit my "Guest Book and Contact" page and send me your ideas, and I'll set up a chat to discuss schedule and cost. Thanks for asking!
  • Do you teach Pottery Classes? And are you available for Individual Lessons?
    Yes! I have LOVED teaching Pottery - and just finished my 8th year teaching it! I offer BOTH Group Pottery Classes as well as Individual Lessons, and I'm offering several really fun classes coming up this summer - check them out on my "Book Online" page. You can join us for a small group class, a special pottery "date night", a bridal group project (sooo cool!) and MORE. Check it out! Think you might like to try Pottery?? Just SIGN UP for upcoming classes or let me know if you have a personal event request!
  • What do you think everybody should know about Pottery?
    Funny you should ask! Here's what I know for sure . . . - EVERYBODY can "do" Pottery! - There are many DIY air-dry and oven-dry recipes online for clay you can make with what's already in your kitchen. I have found 2 good recipes and some fun and simple DIY projects - and put them on my BLOG page. CHECK THEM OUT! And simple kitchen "tools" are all you need ... a fork, butter knife, toothpick, cookie cutters, a bowl, etc. Grab a few utensils and let's DO THIS! - Clay comes from the earth. It has been purified for commercial use. And it feels AMAZING squished between your fingers. - Getting your hands messy and dirty is actually quite healthy...... ....... for the BODY - it CAN be a bit of a workout :) ....... for the MIND - it is wonderful to become so absorbed in something that your worries and stresses just melt away (for a time, at least) ....... for the SOUL - when we allow ourselves to be CREATIVE, the BEST in us can come out to play. And that's always fun. Sometimes it's just been a while... ....... and great for STAYING YOUNG - remember making Mud Pies?? Yeah, me too. Some of us have a gift for getting messy. Others have to work at it. Trust me. It's worth the effort ;) "What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes? Therein lies the key to your earthly pursuits." - Carl Jung
  • I hear you are also a professional Life Coach and Counselor. Why do you think Counseling and Ceramics (Pottery) go SO beautifully together!?
    Glad you asked! I deeply believe that we are ALL creators... Maybe it's a watercolor, maybe a great lasagna. Maybe it's an uber-organized sock drawer. We ALL have it in us to create. That's just how we roll. I completed my Graduate Education and Master's Degree in Social Work (Specializing in Clinical work with Children, Youth and Families) Through my experience in Counseling, I've seen countless individuals and families work to CREATE new possibilities for themselves, new realities and new beginnings. Our lives, much like clay from the earth, is just waiting to be molded – lovingly and thoughtfully. And this "work" yields amazing surprises, time after time. New patterns. New possibilities. New potential where it seemed none existed. I have had the honor of walking with people of all ages and life experiences through (and usually out of) some of the most challenging events and circumstances we can face. I know how difficult life can be sometimes, and I know how sharing someone's burdens, perhaps having a "lighthouse in unsettling waters", can make all the difference. Working with a skilled and experienced Counselor (or Coach) can provide the right conditions to foster HOPE and HEALING in an individual and can provide MOVEMENT toward a deeper sense of personal satisfaction. We are all given the same "clay". Sometimes we just need someone else's support to help us make something extraordinary out of it. THIS is why I'm a Counselor and a Coach. It's a very special relationship. And I've always felt it is Holy Ground.
  • Do you ever bring your expertise in Counseling and Life Coaching TOGETHER with Ceramics?
    YES! What a great question! From the Ceramics side of the equation: Whether I'm working alone in my She Shed Studio or with friends, just the process of moving clay around in our hands can be transformative, freeing, and exciting. I have, from time to time, created really wonderful, meditative experiences with others that bring together the refreshing beauty of nature, the fun and relaxation of clay work with the deeply healing and freeing elements of non-judgmental creativity - and what we end up with is one GORGEOUS moment to savor! From the Life Coaching side of the equation: I DO offer my Coaching clients an optional and very enjoyable experience I like to call a "Wellness and Creativity" session. In this session, you are able to relax, and be led through a peaceful, kinesthetic and meditative experience - where the goals include reconnecting to the playful self, quieting the jugemental mind, and tuning in to your inner creative muse. It's a freeing and rejuvenating experience everyone should enjoy at least once!
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