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SET "C"       (Return to the STORE page and Scroll down to read a few Meditations!)

I hope these meditations help you FIND THE SACRED IN SUCH ORDINARY THINGS AS ...
January - A Door (Our loving God is standing on BOTH sides of every door we'll ever cross through - with open arms, ready to welcome us safely through...)  
February - Sweets!   (How hard but great it is to bravely say you care...) 
March - Sand   (We ALL go through the desert sometimes...) 
April - Footprints  (Whose footprints in the sand do YOU try to follow?)
May - Water   (Baptims, Refreshing our Souls...)
June - Electricity   (We don't often realize just how much POWER we have!)
July - A Flag   (We are UNITED by more things than divide us)
August - A Straw  (Silly as it sounds, we should be MORE like a straw...)
September - A Receipt   (God PAID for and redeemed us for FULL VALUE...) 
October - December = 2 double-sided 8” x 14” Posters of my FAVORITE Meditations!

(SET "C") 9 Sacred Findings Meditation & Gift Cards + 2 mini-wall posters

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