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Ceramic Candle Holder


I’ve always wanted a place to bring together two of my greatest loves – Pottery and CounselingThey are such integral parts of who I am and what I have done in the last 25 years. 

At first glance, they might seem unrelated, but I love them for strangely similar reasons: They
both have the ability to MAKE YOU GLOW. 

Pottery, especially when it cradles a flickering candle, can warm and calm the world around you. Light it up. Take you to a better place. Create space for a better YOU. 

Counseling can do the same. When accompanied by a loving spirit who listens, cares and draws out the best in YOU, and makes it safe for the more courageous YOU to emerge, it can LIGHT YOU UP as well. Take you to a better place. Hold space for a better YOU. And in making the move from more traditional "Counseling" to my own "Life Coaching" practice, I am free to create highly personalized and responsive approaches to those who come to me for support. You can read more about this on my "Life Coaching With Lisa" page. 

So, I wrapped up my 37th year in the education arena and said goodbye to my “day job”.  I have turned my She-Shed into an outdoor pottery studio. I prayed for (and was gifted!) a kiln for firing pottery and ceramics by my dear friend Val. I have two very comfy couch-chairs under my mulberry tree, next to the She-Shed, for Life Coaching. I’ve got a teeny little kiln and a big, warm, intuitive heart, and I’m ready to FIRE IT UP!                                                                      LET'S DO THIS!

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