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Frequently asked questions

Can you tell me more about your background in Counseling?

I'd love to. Although you can find my professional and educational resume under this same Life Coaching tab on my "Related Work Experience" page, I'd love to tell you a bit more here...

I began Counseling professionally after I obtained my Master's Degree in Social Work from Cal State Long Beach in 1996, and I specialized in work with Children, Youth and Families. I am a member of Phi Alpha, the National Social Work Honor Society, and I graduated with Honors as well as Special Commendations. I completed my 1,000-hour required internship working in the Oncology Unit at Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center as a Medical Social Worker and Psych Intern, alongside an internship in the Paramount School District's Healthy Families program, serving at-risk students and families.

The greatest joy in my professional life has been in supporting, encouraging and guiding another in the direction their heart is aching to move . In order to find that path, we must learn to
- LISTEN for our own true voice
- LEARN the desires of our hearts
- RECONCILE with whatever has held us back, and
- FIND our sometimes buried love of self.

Only then can we feel deserving of the GOOD we are all created to enjoy.
In my practice, the GOAL of Life Coaching has been to foster the work of men and women to create a pathway to a better life, a stronger voice, and more clarity in one's personal values and needs. This ultimately can lead individuals to a great sense of personal FULFILLMENT as they step into their own spotlight and embody the STARRING ROLE in their own life story. This kind of a nurturing and coaching relationship is a gift one gives themselves when they think they're ready to take the next step forward - or they WISH they were ready, and would like to explore WHY they might be "stuck".

Either way, I believe that we, as humans, have an innate desire to connect with others, and I know that need can be felt even more deeply during challenging times. Fortunately, we do not need to weather these times alone.

" We are all just walking each other home." - Ram Dass

How can I make a Life Coaching appointment with you?

There are 2 ways to reach me through my website here.

1. You can go to the "Book Online" page and request either a FREE 20-minute consultation or individual / Group Coaching sessions. The initial free consultation is an opportunity to meet each other and chat about your goals and my approach to Coaching, to see how I might serve you and if it would be a good fit!

Or ...

2. On the "Guest Book and Contact" page, you can send me a message to inquire about Coaching and I will get back to you via email (unless you request differently) - oftentimes on the same day.

Can you tell me about your Fees, Discounts, Length and Frequency of typical appointments?


Investing in a Coaching Relationship for the purpose of personal growth can be one of the BEST gifts we can give to ourselves. The support a Life Coach can give you is meant to be highly personalized and "made to fit" each individual, as desired.

3 50-Minute Coaching Sessions $300 3 Additional 50-Minute Sessions $250 6 45-minute Group Coaching Sessions $300
Sliding Scale Offered as Needed
Coaching sessions can be scheduled for any number of weeks and at any frequency that feels appropriate for you.

I do believe, however, there are definite benefits to starting with WEEKLY appointments for an initial 3-6 weeks for a more intense and effective period of focus and "reset". Coaching sessions can also (or eventually) be spaced out to every other week or so to allow for more time between sessions to integrate and apply the insights gained.

I take payment for my Life Coaching services on the "Book Online" page in the form of a Credit Card, or you may request at checkout that payment be made personally through cash, check, PayPal, Venmo or Zelle. I kindly request that payment be made 24 hours before services rendered.

How do I know if Life Coaching would be beneficial to me?

How do we know that stopping by the gas station every week or two will actually help keep our car running smoothly? BECAUSE ... we ALL run better when we invest in FILLING UP OUR TANK from time to time! Below are two EXCELLENT articles about finding and working with a Life Coach - explaining WHY it is such a positive and life-affirming experience. Dr. Magdalena Battles, in the first article, lists these 7 reasons why YOU should have a Life Coach:

1. Find Your Life Purpose
2. Unlock the Answers Within Yourself
3. Develop Steps to Improve Yourself
4. Set and Achieve Goals With Someone Who is Holding You Accountable
5. Start Doing Instead of Dreaming
6. We All Need a Personal Cheerleader
7. Gain Better Self Understanding and Confidence

If these speak to you and intrigue you, reach out to me and let's chat!
Check out the articles below to read more. 7 Reasons Why You Should Find a Life Coach to Reach Your Full Potential Dr. Magdalena Battles 33 Time-Tested and Researched Benefits of Life Coaching
Mike Bundrant Co-Founder at iNLP Center
Mike Bundrant is a retired psychotherapist, Master NLP trainer, and ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC). He and his wife, Hope, co-founded iNLP Center in 2011.

How is Life Coaching Different from Counseling?

Although Life Coaching and traditional Counseling can seem quite silmiler in nature, they are not the same thing.

In my own practice, I've experienced the difference between the two in these (very basic) terms ...
With Traditional Counseling, I can help you move from "Disfunctional" to "Functional", while through Life Coaching, the movement is often more from "Functional" to "Fabulous" :)

Here's why:
Life Coaches, just like Counselors, use many different techniques and modalities to support their client's growth and awareness, and help them to develop strategies to move forward where they are ready, and to "unstick" themselves when they feel "stuck". Coaching, however, does NOT attempt to delve deeply into their past, or identify pathology.

Life Coaching may be the catalyst you've been searching for - as it is primarily focused on the NOW, and moving forward in your life - building upon current strengths while still identifying areas to grow, learning strategies for living more fully, moving forward more intentionally, choosing more purposefully and lovlng more deeply.

If I had to list the PROS of Life Coaching with me, I'd simplify put it this way -

Life Coaching with me ....

* does NOT require that a Mental Disorder Diagnosis (from the DSM 5) be made
* can incorporate a wide variety of treatment and support modalities, not simply those of the "Western" traditions, or what a 3rd party payor (read: insurance company) approves
* is a safe space which celebrates differences in lifestyles, choices, spirituality and personal expression
* unlike MANY Coaching practices, mine is built upon 26 years of traditional, professional counseling experience, a Graduate-level education and Specialization in the areas of "Children, Youth and Families", two 500-hour supervised internships, years of clinical supervision and an unwavering dedication to the Priciples and Ethics of the Mental Health profession
* is an enjoyable, safe and exciting partnership built on mutual respect and "Unconditional Positive Regard", as one of my my heroes, Carl Rogers, taught (both of which are all traditionally served warm, with a generous side of laughter).

In case you'd like to "dig a little deeper"...
here are links to some current articles that examine further (and from different angles) the differences and commonalities between traditional "Counseling/Therapy" and the newer arena and approaches of "Life Coaching". If you're a deep digger, or you're just really interested in finding the BEST possible type of Mental Health Professional to support your needs and goals, they're a great read.


From Counseling Today A Publication of the American Counseling Association



So... what exactly IS your approach as a Life Coach?

SOMETHING YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT MY WORK.... MANY Life Coaches today are focused on helping clients obtain a level of SUCCESS in a particular area of life - weightloss, career, parenting, relationships, exercise, etc.

I have always prefered to work on a more heart- or spirit-centered level to create space and conversations that foster the deeper work to re-center and re-align yourself with what exactly WILL help you go that extra mile in your career, BE more satisfied with your relationships, BECOME that strong but gentle parent or partner you've always wanted to be, etc. Sometimes we simply need someone to help us find our way back to our inner knowing, or long-forgotten desires for ourselves, perhaps that inner wisdom not currently being listened to and honored. That can't help but create a STRONGER foundation for success in all the areas listed above. Right?
I enjoy adapting a wide variety of approaches to support those individuals I work with in Coaching, and one of my greatest gifts will be helping you to focus . . .

LESS on simply becoming SUCCESSFUL . . .
and MORE on becoming CENTERED and BALANCED, and therefore more deeply SATISFIED

LESS on eating all the "RIGHT FOODS" . . .
and MORE on becoming mindful of all that you are consuming (media, conversations, activities, etc.) and IN WHAT WAYS these things are feeding your overall wellbeing, forward progress and SPIRIT LESS on becoming "CUTTING EDGE" . . .
and MORE on hearing and following your truest CALLING

and MORE on becoming ALIGNED with your truest values and sense of what's RIGHT for you

LESS on becoming a "BADASS" . . .
and MORE on showing up as the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!
(which, incidently, just might be a "badass" :)

Join me, won't you?


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